Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kmart Double Dollar Days/ CVS Stop

On Friday night Justin and I were blessed with a "Date Night". We had so much fun and didn't get the kids back till around Noon on Saturday!!!! Well as every good bargain shopper knows, every good date night includes a deal run, right? Okay so maybe not, but our did include a quicky stop at Kmart to take advantage of their dollar day specials. I got 4 Hot Shot wasp spray for .19 a can, .40 each for suave, .49 each for LA Looks, free deodorant, free visine, $1.40 for Kotex tampons.....good run I thought...GREAT DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today (Sunday) I stopped in at CVS to grab up some FREE school supplies!!!!! I did two transactions b/c I wanted to use my rain check for the Soy Joy deal they ran a couple weeks total after coupons and ECBS came to under .50!!!!! Then I rolled those Ecb for my second transaction all this was FREE: Fusion razor, 2 tablets, 2 scissors, 2 glue, 2 rulers, 3 pen packs, 3 boxes of Tylenol Arthritis , I got a coupon for a FREE milk from the little coupon machine...LOVE THAT!!!! Then I got another $1 back from my second 2nd transaction was .85 subtotal with seventy some cents in tax making it $1.4? So for about $2 I went home with all these goodies plus I have $28 in ECB's for my future deals.........YAHOOO!!! It really felt great to have such a great week at CVS....seems like it has been awhile since I had such a great week. This winter is seemed I could roll ECB's like this every week!!!
No pic to show but then I went to Walmart....gasp!!!!...I used my coupon for a FREE Dignorno flatbread, 2 FREE Cascade Clear Rinses.....I LOVE those FREE coupons...Doesn't everyone???

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