Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am AUNT again!!!

Here is my beautiful new niece, Maggie Ann Keefer, born this morning at 7:02AM.
She weighed in at 8-8 and is 21 inches long! We are so excited your here Maggie, although we know mommy is really glad you here since you made her wait a few extra days to see you!!!!
Here is the BIG brother, my nephew Ben,he was so sweet looking her over for the first time. He is excited to have her here and we are sure he will be a BIG "help" to mommy and daddy.
Just in case you care, I enjoyed cuddling with her for some time this morning as well! OHHH it felt so great to have a baby in my arms again.......I look forward to snatching her up any time I get the chance!!!
CONGRATS Bob & Janelle.......WELCOME Maggie!!!!
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Mominin said...

She is beautiful!! I'm so glad she finally made her arrival. Congratulations Janelle and Bob!

Megan said...

YAY!!! I just said something to Shawn wondering if Janelle had the baby!!

Thanks for the update, She's beautiful

Congrats Janelle and Bob!

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