Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shipshewana Girls Day Out!

Today (Wed.) was a girls day out at Shipshewana for my mom and myself. We haven't been for a couple years and what a day we had!!!! The weather was just perfect, not to hot and we had a nice breeze!!!
I'll start with my two "Big Ticket" items...On Wednesday they have an auction in addition to the flea market.....I bought this cabinet you see here for my living room.....I didn't pay as much as you might think....I got a bargain.....Hubby said he's not sure if he likes it...I said to give it some time...I like it anyway, He says that's all that matters!
This is the second item I got at the auction...Bargain again!!! I put this one in my kitchen/dining room area....I am excited to have all the extra storage!!!! My dad was nice enough to drive all the way up to Shipshewana to pick up these unexpected treasure....THANKS DAD!!!

I just had to sneak a pic of this "modern day" buggy...nice huh? That is even an infant car seat in the very front (hard to see).....I'd say these Amish are riding in style.....
In addition to the auction we also hit the bulk food store!!! I bought the bitty pie for hubby!!
I bought some blueberries and peaches at the flea market in addition to some other odds and mom did score some fun Christmas gifts for the kids....she was happy about that!! We had a great day just hanging out laughing together..Great Times!!!
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Megan said...

looks like a lot of fun! Great weather!

Genesa said...

What a beautiful town!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

Looks like a great day!

Anonymous said...

If Justin needs a second opinion on the cabinet, I'll give mine~ I love it!! Great finds!


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