Monday, July 27, 2009

Garden Update!

Well I have harvested some lettuce, green beans, and also cabbage from the garden thus far!!! Our tomatoes, as well as the corn, is coming on in full exciting....but lots of work go along with that bountiful harvest! I am so pleased with how the whole process has went this year with restarting our veggie garden again, and I am even more thankful for those special moments I have has together with the kids in the garden. Teaching them how to plant seeds, nourish and water the plants...teaching them about commitment, and all the hard work of weeding that goes along with a garden. I love those special one on one talks that I have been able to have with my boys while they help me when no one else is around! I am especially thankful for the great times we have spent in prayer together giving thanks for the veggies God has blessed us with.....we do this right after we harvest the veggies in our basket...and again before we get ready to eat them at the table.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and having your own special moments to cherish!
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