Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-Week Funny!!!

A funny thing happened last week I thought I would share......I had to get a few things at the store before taking all the kiddos with me to the Pediatrician's office for check ups for Lance and Julia.....Bravely off I went and peanut butter was one of the three things we needed to get. Lance saw this HUGE 6lb canister and said "Mom this baby is what we need!" After looking at the front I saw it read "Great for Daycare (check we meet that requirement), Schools (yep we meet that one too), and Restaurants (yep again)" Well I thought since we met all the standard places that need this HUGE canister we better take it home with us :) Now I smile every time I open the cupboard and see this huge red thing!!!!

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Megan said...

too funny! I've never seen such a big container of pb!! Good find Lance!!

Stephanie Reed said...

Heehee! I like the way he said it. "This baby is what we need!" Sounds like a used car salesman. :-)

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