Monday, July 20, 2009

Mommy Moment Monday!

It's been while since I have added in a Mommy Moment Monday, truth be told it is only because my brain has become mush after four children and I just can't remember things long enough to blog about them! Sad, i know, but it's the truth none the less.....So here is a moment that struck me as one I should share.....Last night as we put the kids to bed, Lance asked that someone turn out the night. I said "Well your bed it the one right by the light so you can go ahead and turn it off." Then Caleb said...."Ya now that is a good idea (in a sarcastic tone.....)" Lance replies, "Your gonna pay for that Caleb...." Caleb says "I can't I don't have any money!" This was all followed by a room full of laughter!!!!
I totally love it when they say crazy funny things like that. I only wish I could remember them all so I could write them all in a little book and treasure them all as the years pass me by.......
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Genesa said...

That's funny! I could almost hear them!

grandma for jesus said...

I so remember those times but you must write them down because you do forget them until the grand kids come along and you hear them all over again, Treasure the moments. See ya this weekend.

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