Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Piggy Paints Winner is.....

CONGRATS to Nicole for winning a $20 gift certificate to Piggy Paints!!!!!
I am sure your little 1 1/2 year old will look fantastic with her little nails all painted up!!!!!

Thanks to all who entered and be sure to enter my Hip-T giveaway if you haven't already...deadline is FRIDAY at NOON!!!! (click on the pic at the top to enter!)

Also stop by tomorrow and check out my review from a company called THINK IN INK!!! What a great company...can't wait to share with you what they are all about...PLUS my Seeking Financial Freedom Series continues tomorrow........Lots of fun happening around here....Sign up to Follow or Subscribe so you won't miss anything.
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**Nicole** said...

Hurray!!!!!!!! *still doing a happy dance* Now the trick will be getting Amber to sit still long enough for me to paint them...hmmmmm.... :)

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