Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

Well today was our first run at how our home school schedule will work this year.
IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW: I am schooling 3 kiddos this year Lance is my 3rd grader, Caleb is a 1st grader, and Zach is my preschooler. Since we started home schooling Lance, we have used ABeka Curriculum. We have continued to use it because we find that it works well for OUR many great options and curriculums to pick from....but for now this is what we are sticking to. I enrolled Lance in the DVD program that Abeka offers for the first time this year.....Basically that means "they do the teaching" instead of me. I felt I needed that this year because I was really wanting to continue working with Caleb on all his foundational learning such as phonics, math, and reading. My little 4year old, Zach, seems to struggle with his pronunciation of sounds......the ENT doctor said it is a result of all the ear infections he has had plus all the fluid on his ears issues....which is also why he has had 2 sets of tubes and his adenoids out......anyway I feel like I need to start with him now on helping to fix these phonic/speech issues.
With all that being said, today was not the day I pictured. I had high expectations of a great day since I was all organized and ready to go.....Well someone forgot to tell my kids that! I felt like we were a house in total disarray at moments...and we were...some moments lasting longer than others. Also my hubby has been working from home today, which translates into also trying to keep everyone semi-quiet so he can talk to customers on the phone. So at times today, I felt like my whole day was completely out of my control! ( Hmmm maybe a lesson here for me......Give it ALL to God!)
Overall I am really pleased with what we got accomplished now I need to go back and maybe assign what order these things should be done it to make it work better for all involved. I find it a challenge to keep the little ones who are not schooling out of the hair of the ones trying to school......One day I hope to have a special space just for schooling (and an office where hubby can close himself off away from where we are trying to conduct normal day business), but for now I am making what we have been blessed with work.
I know I can't be the only one who struggles with "making this all work out", but it is easy to feel that way! So I'm gonna dust myself off and try again tomorrow.....with a few changes....probably some prayers on my behalf will be needed......thanks in advance for praying for me!
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Genesa said...

We have "circle time" every morning. We start by singing a few song ( i let the kids choose, unless they won't then i do) then we pray. I started this week by asking them what they want to pray for. I hope in the next weeks-month to have them start praying outloud too. I also try to make sure I mention our school day and ask the Lord to bless it. We then make sure our first subject of the day is Bible, brcause it's most important.
I will be praying for you! I'm sure it will get better!

Megan said...

It seems that each day I tweek a little bit! Some days are just better than others. Give them a break and yourself since this is a new schedule than the summer "play" schedule they were used to.

I usually just start the first couple weeks with only 3 subjects to get into the flow slowly for them and me!!! On bad days like that I just push a couple subjects to tomorrow. Do I really think They're not going to learn enough if I put History and/or Science into tomorrow????

I'll pray for your day and week!! See you camping!!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, have you heard of Teri Maxwell's book Managers of Their Homes? Look at and see if you think it might be something you would like to look at. I have all of her books. Her system really helped me when I had six .. six and under.

Leslie Tacosik

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