Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July FUN!

We were camping this long holiday......although it really didn't seem long enough....... I thought I would share a few pics of what we did....Below are few pics of the family campground....

One of things that was done this weekend, was putting a new rood on the cabin by the lake...I mainly helped out by pulling weeds and watching kiddos.....

Lance on the left, Tanner in the middle (cousin), Caleb on the right....hard at work on the roof
Zach was busy eating mulberries!!! Here are the stained hands to show it :)
Julia kept busy moving from piece of play equipment to the other...Good times!
Julia was not a real fan of fireworks....yet we heard MANY firecrackers and loud cracking sounds. One could usually find her cuddled up on someone's lap so she felt "protected. I quick shot a pic of Julia and Caleb snuggled on the swing together...sweet huh?

I adore this picture of Justin an Caleb walking through the woods together!!! Precious times of spending time together...I love it!!!

I hope you enjoyed some extra family time this weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

the picture of caleb by himself & the picture of justin & caleb together look like professonal pictures! those are for sure pictures to frame up! we had a good time sitting around the camp fire with you guys and playing with the kids this weekend!
love ya, Christa

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