Friday, July 31, 2009


On Tuesday night Julia and I were honored to attended a party in honor of Justin's aunt Kathy! She is getting married at the end of August to a great guy, and we are all very excited for her!!! The woman at her church wanted to have a little party in celebration of her upcoming wedding....we had a good time!
They had her all dolled up...don't miss the great "Bling Ring" she is sporting on her left even lit up....she said her actual wedding isn't quite as big as this one but it will do.
Well I guess not many people can say they took their two year old daughter to a Bachlorette party. Then again not many people probably have such parties in the church basement with friends and family snacking on yummy food, and playing some fun family-friendly games. Julia felt very "cool" that she got to go to a party with mommy...NO boys allowed!
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