Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Walking Who?

We have been working with our 4-H animals lately, and I thought you might like a little peek into how that works and what it looks like.
Step ONE: We play "Who Walking Who"! Ohhh you've never heard of  that game?
 Let me explain it to ya', that's where all the kids and the animals they are "walking" get tangled up in each other and giggle a whole bunch.

Also part of that game is animal interferance....Jasper thinks it is a great idea to kiss the animals while they are "walking".
Sometimes "walking" is more like "pushing"......
Sometimes that "walking" is more like cuddling....
Ohhh and occasionally "walking" looks like real walking!
No matter how we do it these two seem to have a lot of fun "helping"!
These photos are from several weeks ago, and I am happy to report that animals and children alike seem to have come to more of an understanding of what walking really looks like. I can't believe fair time is only about 6 weeks away!


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