Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's Blooming....Plus a little makeover....

Playing in the garden/dirt is pretty high on my "Things I Love To Do" list. How about you?
 I really haven't been playing in the dirt a whole lot yet, but I'm gearing up for it! I thought I'd give you yet another peak into what is blooming around the homestead.
I caught a shot of these lovely Columbine right after a rain...
 This young little viburnum bush looks so adorable! I think I may have to invest in a few more of these gorgeous girls. They remind me of hydrangeas because of their lovely ball shape flower.
 I really dont' know what this beautiful blue flower is. I got it as a start at a plant sale last year, and it stands about 12-18 inches tall. I  need to look it up in my flower books to see what it is...unless you know.
 I have a few of these perfectly functional but no so pretty looking pots around , and I saw an idea somewhere..maybe Pinterest..maybe a magazine...sorry I can't remember!

Here are the supplies you need: burlap, some sort of twine, or ribbon, a pot, and some scissors
I had all the supplies I needed on hand, I love it when that happens!

Step #1: The burlap I had bigger holes in it so I doubled it up.
Step #2: Put you pot in the middle, pull up the edges up over the pot so you are sure it's big enough and then cut off any extra.
Step #3: Use your ribbon (I used binder twine) to tie and hold the burlap in place. Ta Dah!!
 It's nothing fancy, but I like it! Then all you have to do is add some flowers to the pot and ENJOY!
Here it is with flowers. I think it will look great once the flowers are in full bloom!


Stephanie Reed said...

I love the planter makeover! I looked up the flower-- maybe it's pulmonaria/lungwort?

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