Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mothers & Daughters

I had a great Mother's Day, and Hubby and the kids finished putting up my picket fence around the fruit garden for me...exciting! (The fact that now it has to be painted...not so exciting!) I also was blessed to go to a Mother/Daughter banquet with my mom, sister, and my little Julia.

 Julia enjoyed her little cup of chocolate treats. What girl wouldn't love chocolate?
 We laughed so hard at this little skit....It was "Old McDonald Had a Farm". All the unknowing participates where asked to come up front and turned around then as we sang the song they turned around, and said their animal noise. We were all laughing so mom is so sweet to be a good sport!
I'm so very thankful for a loving, supportive mother. I'm also blessed enough to have a fabulous mother-in-law as well! What a very special gift they each are to me.


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