Friday, May 11, 2012

2012-2013 School Curriculum has ARRIVED!

I know! I know! We've barely finished our school year and already I'm excited to get our new school curriculum! I can't help it...we are all excited! We are switching a few things, and I thought I would share with you what we are doing just in case your searching for something new to try. 
I am switching to Sonlight this year for the oldest two boys for Language Arts, History, & Science. 
I am very excited to be teaching the same thing to both older boys!
We are starting the Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish! (purchased through Sonlight) I am excited because each child will have their own setting and can work as slowly or as quickly as they need. It keeps track of each child's progress for me as well.
 We have been using Teaching Textbooks (I purchases this also through Sonlight this year) for Math for 2 years now, and would NEVER consider changing!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT (and so do my kiddos)! Teaching Textbooks is now available starting in 3rd grade (which Caleb used this past year).
It teaches, grades, and keeps track of each child's work. So you buy it once and can use it for all the kids!! It's really great, I can't say enough good things about it!
 I chose a Science Curriculum that will focus on Electricity, Magnetism, and Astronomy. My two oldest will enjoy each of these topics!
To make our summer even more exciting the two oldest are attending church camp for a whole week, and then Camp Inventions! It's a one week camp 9-330p that focuses on Science, Inventions, and critical thinking skills! It's being offered locally. It's normally a $215 camp...being offered for only $50 because of a local grant from the county!!! 
We are using Grammar 5 in addition to our Lang. Arts, plus Sequential Spelling, and Wordly Wise 3000 for vocabulary development! (all available through Sonlight.) We also already registered for the Pizza Hut Book It Program! Lots of fun ahead, but first I think we are going to enjoy a nice little summer break! Happy No Schedule, Playing in the Sun, Working in Garden, Mama might even quilt some more you too!


farmlife chick said...

I, like you, get excited about getting new school books! even the kids can't wait to rip open the boxes!

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