Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rocking Chair Makeover

Last fall I bought this solid wood rocker for $10 at a garage sale....such a steal! I thought it needed a little makeover because I wasn't crazy about the design on the back of it.
 I went to work sanding...priming...sanding...two coats of paint
I ended up with this beautiful green (Dried Fern) finish. I'm was really happy with how it turned out and proud that all my hard work saved me a ton of money over buying a new one!
I went out the very next day and saw that our little puppy really likes my chair too. So much so that he was showing his love by chewing on it.....Isn't that sweet of him?....I thought so!
Why not show some love by chewing on it a little bit more.....it's a good thing that puppy is so cute!
Plan B was to try to hide the "Love marks"....In the end it all turned out just fine. It's still function. al, I can sit and read, listen to the rain, and enjoy some quiet time out on the porch in my rocking chair.
 I just love wonderful smelling pansies, and "snow" cascading out of this crock!


farmlife chick said...

Love the country touch! Turned out great.

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