Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Hay....

 This Spring we decided to let our pasture, which is currently not being used, grow up and now it's time to bale it! This was our first time to bale hay as a family....and boy did we have fun!
Julia got to ride with daddy on the tractor...she rather enjoyed it!
 I think even Jasper enjoy the whole baling hay experience....Do you see the smile on his face?
 My husband has made a lot of hay in his days, but never with 4 children on the wagon helping him.
 Our first wagon! You can almost smell that wonderful "hay making" smell can't you?
I can't really think of any better way of making such great memories with our kids than working together as a family.
 Not sure what they are talking about all the way up there, but they are having a lot of fun doing it.
 Now it's time to put it away!
 When all is said and done, we made 170 bales of grassy goodness.


Suz said...

As a child we baled hay all the time! It was "torture"! As an adult, I miss it! I was in so much better shape, I loved the smell, I learned the value of hard work and I got some great time with my family! What a wonderful thing to share with your family! So hear is a nice treat...There is just something about it. When you are baling next, put some plums in the vehicle. They get a bit warm but they are SO juicy and refreshing!

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