Monday, May 7, 2012

A Springtime First on the First...

I saw my first Hummingbird of the season on May 1st! I seriously could sit and watch these little amazing creatures for endless amounts of time. They are so beautiful!
 They really love my coral bells!
 While I was out I snapped a picture of what is blooming seems there are always something new blooming every couple days! Lovely yellow iris...
 Light purple iris
 I bought some hardy pansies and planted them up ...I love how they smell and that they bloom from early spring all the way till November!
 I love all the color variations they come in too!
 Isn't this orange a fun color?
 My knockout roses are budding up and getting to provide a whole season full of color!
 I have several different Columbine..this girly light pink
 I always think it's so fun how the middles add another pop of color! Since they hang down you don't get to see it very well....gorgeous!
 I absolutely love this "snow in the summer" plant! All those dainty white flowers exploding all over!
I hope your enjoying some blooms around your home. Isn't this time of year so fun when you get to see all of God's creation come back to life?


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