Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Palace Arrival....

Craigslist...ever heard of it? If you live here at The Gaertegang Homestead we've heard of it a few times....okay let's be honest...someone at our house might have an addiction  love for Craiglist! I won't mention who, although it's not I do love CL, it has so many deals and steals to offer to those who keep their eyes peeled then pounce quickly on an offer.

The Palace is our latest snag! The Poultry Palace that is....It came with windows that needed fixed, a chicken door that no longer existed, and a roof that needs a little attention.

It has that fabulous weathered look to it, with a great gray color. It came with windows to fill in the holes,  we  my hard working Hubby just had to buy a few panes of glass and then re-install the windows. It also came with the same shingles that are already on the roof so we could touch up a few places.
 The window framed were pretty rotted. Justin re-framed each them and made new ledges out of the old red barn siding we had left over from the house project. Love it!
Here is the new chicken door...again using what we had on hand.
 Here is my handsome, hard working, Craigslist stalking Husband! While I joke with him a lot about CL, he's has saved us a ton of money by his frugal online shopping. I think our coop is adorable and we saved over half of what it would have cost us to build a smaller one!
 Here is Mr. was his night to help out Dad.
The next night we transferred over the feeder, water, the nesting box, and the ladies.
 Lance showing off his muscles...
 Caleb is by far the best chicken catcher...he was constantly coming out with two chickens!
 Zach being a big help...
 I think the ladies (plus our beautiful gentle rooster picture here) will like there new home
 The Palace" is now open for egg laying business!


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