Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello Again!

We have been buzzing around here like busy bees for the past couple of weeks ( which equals not much blogging time). I wanted to take some time today to update on what we've been up to. I think I had mentioned to you before, Lance's first year of 4-H. So this time of year is very busy with finishing up record books, wood working project, poster boards, and getting our pigs at "just the right weight".

Lance took Shooting Sport, which is archery, as one of his 4-H projects this year. This was a great project for him to get consistent practice at shooting once a week. Although it was a fun thing to do, I am also happy that he is gaining more life skills along the way. Someday he will be able to bring us home some meat with his accurate shooting. The only thing we have to do yet is complete his poster board.
Here are "Jacob" & "John" our pigs. I don't know which is which, but Lance does. One is a Chester White,which was developed in Chester County Pennsylvania. Swine breeders crossed White English hogs with small local hogs and the result was "Chester County Whites". The other pig is a Landrace. This is a newer breed in the US. Landrace come from Danish Landrace hogs. The American Landrace is all white and has a long body. Both breeds are known for being white in color, good mothers, and large floppy ears that hang over their eyes. We weighed them this past Saturday (thanks Uncle Nate) and know they won't be over the weight limit. You could say they are on the Eat ALL you want to diet.
The third and final project Lance is woodworking. (I am glad we decided to limit him to three!) He has been working through the workbook (we are done now) and learning lots of great information. This past weekend was a "woodworking fest". He decided to make a trial copy of the project first to get it all dialed in. Again I love that he is interested in woodworking because of all the life skills he is gaining in the process. Knowing how to operate all the different tools, measuring, safety are all things he has been learning. Getting to spend ALOT of time with his dad all by himself is just an added BONUS!!!

The 4-H fair is just a hop skip and a jump away......lots of work yet to do.....lots of FUN to be had!



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