Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden Update!

It seems that will all the rain we have been having, my garden is loving it and had just explodes over the past couple of weeks. It is so wonderful to see things growing and filling up the space with so much green color!!

This is a full view of my garden.
 The boys have been assigned a certain number of rows that they are in charge of keeping weed free. Lance is standing up here amongst the corn.....I think we have met the "Knee high by the 4th of July" saying!
 The sweet candy onions are doing great!
 All the way on the right is my pumpkin patch GONE WILD! I think we just might have a ton of pumpkins come this fall...I'm okay with that.
 My tomatoes are growing to be nice and bushy! I am wanting to make pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and more salsa for sure. I am trying to think what else I could use up some of my tomatoes making. Any ideas or recipes you can throw my way?
 This is our first year trying out carrots. They seem to be doing well. I think I should have thinned them more. My kids were having a blast pulling some of them out and rinsing them with the hose and chopping them down.
 I planted some smaller sunflower in the garden they get about 3ft. To the right of those are a mix of cutting flowers.
 I LOVE zinnias I have planted lots of them. Some I planted amongst the sunflowers.
 Well I am sorry to report that my lettuce and now my cabbage have been a total loss. I don't know what it is that I don't get about lettuce (which is suppose to be super easy to grow). I can grow it beautifully.....but it seems that it is always so bitter tasting. I was told to pick it earlier this year. So I tried that, but it was still bitter.....maybe I still am not picking it early enough. It was free seed I have got...so no big loss. Some NASTY BUG went through and totally killed off my yummy cabbage I planned on making homemade coleslaw with! NAUGHTY BUG!!!! It did all this damage in a couple days...before I even noticed what was going on.....bummer!
 Sugar snap peas have also been something new to us in the garden this year. I discovered I need to plant MANY more!!!! There have been enough for us to eat right off the vine while weeding. YUM!!
 The BLUE morning glories I planted are crawling right up the fence. Just this past weekend I went back down the fence and planted more where the peas have been growing. I think the peas are almost done and then the flowers can take their place the rest of the summer.

Well I hope you gardening is growing lots of yummy things! Till next time, Happy weeding!



Megan said...

Looks Great Danielle!!

You can plant peas again in late August They are so delicious!! You can also try lettuce again then! My pumpkins are taking over too I'm just about ready to cut and bury a few runners so they leave my tomatoes alone!!!

If you have extra tomatoes you can just make plain tomato sauce and turn it into whatever you need in the winter!! I'm pretty much just making tomato sauce and then I'll make my other sauces from that by just adding a few spices when I pull them out!! (We'll make salsa too)!

Have a great week!

QuiltyGirl said...

Hi Danielle!
Thanks for the blog comment. I don't have mail set up on my computer, or I would have emailed you. :)

I haven't done any utube tutorials-I guess I always figure there's some bigger, better quilter out there who does those. LOL!

Maybe I should do a pillow tutorial on my blog. I also just got a request for a garment tutorial.

Thanks so much for the comment! My daughter's bed quilt still needs to be hand bound, and then I'll have even more pillows to make for HER room. They are so fast and fun to make, and they help use up those little scraps!

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