Monday, June 14, 2010

New Pictures of the Kiddos!

Last week I got my kiddos all dressed in their proper attire and we went on a mini photo shoot with me as the photographer. May I just say.....this was a tiny wee bit stressful.....okay who am I kidding...a lot stressful! I really need to just realize that when you have four kids that need to look and smile at the same need nothing short of a mini miracle to get ONE good shot. I won't torture you and make you look at all of them, but here are my favorite shots of them each and then a couple group pictures.

 It turns out that this picture which I just told them to hug each other in....not my favorite. I guess because maybe it is more "real" than a posed shot. Now all I really want is a recent family picture.....I hope to accomplish that sometime this summer!


Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures! i would like a picture with all of them in it. i don't care which one, but i am needing a new picture of all of them. thanks, christa

Mominin said...

I love that last one!! Absolutely perfect!!

Stacy said...

Great pictures Danielle!!!

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