Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just For the JOY of it!!

Okay ladies (and maybe a gentleman or two) I need some input....comments....opinions...information....get the picture? I am wanting to plan a fabulous fun family friendly fiesta (aka: for trip...put that didn't start with an F)! Tell me all the places you have been and loved over the years.....maybe even places you went as a kid that were your favorite. The only criteria at this point that I can think has to be in states.

Let the commenting begin!! Happy Thursday!

So planning a trip brings me JOY! Go visit Sharon's blog to see more JOYFUL happenings.



Mominin said...

We've always enjoyed beach vacations (myrtle beach, gulf shores) AFTER school is back in session. Not sure how that will be anymore with the oil spill. We also really loved our trip out to Oregon. I also went to Yellowstone as a teenager and would love to go back at some point. Have fun planning (that is half the fun, isn't it?).

ayersfamily said...

With our youngest 6 years old this year our kids were finally big enough to carry some of their own gear and go on a real hiking trip. We went to the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas (we hiked Eagle Rock Loop near Hot Springs) and it was mostly deserted in Sept. It was wonderful, frugal, and a fun challenge. It was roughing it, we did 17 miles, but the kids loved it and it was an unforgettable experience.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger my family and I road tripped to Rhode Island and made lots of stops along the way. Anything New England is just awesome and full of history. Fun, fun times. Charlotte NC is also fun and you can see the Biltmore in Asheville...Have fun with whatever you decide!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Danielle -
Ocean City, New Jersey is probably the happiest place on earth for me - many memories, the beach, I worked there during my college summers. I am instantly transported to a happy state when I am there.

Best traveling vacation - House Boat Trip on Lake Powell. What a different kind of adventure.

Hope you have fun. Just getting to go on a vacation is fun- have a great time where ever you go.

Hope @ It's a Vivas Thing! said... a good camping trip. Loved visiting Washington/Oregon. Shasta lake is beautiful and Astoria was a lot of fun. I'm a mountain girl myself.

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