Monday, June 14, 2010

Kitten ANYONE?

 Well it's "that time". What does that mean you might wonder? Time to say good-bye to some of our beloved little kittens. We have four beautiful kittens that we are looking to give to a new loving home. These kittens are outside barn kittens at our home, but I am sure they would be nice and cozy in your home if that is what your going for.  I only have pictures of two of them to post up for you at this time, but if your really interested you can just come on over and pick out one for yourself!

Get ready for your heart to melt........
 Isn't this one such a doll? We have another one that looks almost identical but the gray is a bit lighter in color.
As you can see they are so playful at fun. They are 7 weeks and eating regular food (we don't soften it), they do still nurse from mama, but are able to drink the water we give them as well. Our 4th kitten is a calico (which I am told means she is a girl).

So there you go....feel free to comment or contact me via email if you are interested in any of them. If you are not ready for a kitten at this exact moment but would maybe like one soon....never fear....Our other cat had a litter last week. So in another 7 weeks we will have three more cutie pies that need a new home. In the mean time, my children are loving on them and kid-proofing them for you all in



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