Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lance's pig showing debut.....

 After a few months of taking care of the pigs it was time for Lance to show them off a bit. This was Lance's first time showing a pig, or any animal for that matter. The first time in the ring he didn't even realize who the judge was (excuse me while I still giggle over that one). He was in the one of the first classes and didn't have the chance to watch any of the previous classes to get a feel for what was going on.
 The second time in the ring went just as well as the first, except he knew who the judge was this I was really amazed at how relaxed he seemed to be throughout the whole showing process. I think I was more nervous than he was.....I just wanted him to have fun and enjoy the whole experience, and I am glad to report that he did.
 Here is the load of ribbons he brought home. He got Champion Bred, Born and Raised with each of his pigs. (Which means the farm were the pig's mom was bred, the pigs were then born, and then raised on a farm all in the same county we also showed them in.)
 We were super excited that Lance got 4th out of 19 Rookie Showman (this was their first year to show). He also got a BLUE ribbon, and BLUE HONOR for his woodworking project. At the end of the fair you get to sell your livestock in an auction. Since Lance took two pigs to fair you get whatever the market price is for one pig (which was .52 per lb.), and then you can sell one pig through the auction. His pig sold to a group of very generous buyers for $825.00!!! In case your wondering those buyers don't even get the pig....they just donate the money to support the huh!

Well we had such a fantastic first year getting back into the 4-H game (Justin & I were both 10yr members). My goal when starting this whole new adventure was for him to learn some new life skills, hard work, responsibility, and to have a good time. We accomplished all of those a few more for a bonus.


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