Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FINALLY we made it to the ZOO!!

I don't really remember when the last time was that we visited the zoo. I do remember that either Caleb, who is now seven, was and infant or maybe it was Zach, who is now five. Either way I am pretty sure it's been to long. We have a ZOO that is ranked in the TOP TEN in the nation that is basically in our backyard. What a shame we don't visit more often. It was absolutely gorgeous last Thursday when we went! We thought it was best to go ahead and get the zoo pass since we could only be there for 3 hours. I am excited that we can go back whenever we want and enjoy all the FUN things they offer.

Not a great picture on many levels....but it's the only group shot we took that morning.
The giraffe display was really cool. We were so close to them! They are so awkward looking, yet so amazing at the same time.
As you can imagine these drums are a HUGE hit with the kids!!!! I am pretty sure they would have stayed in this spot for the rest of the morning. I really love all the interactive things for the kids to do.



Erin said...

We love, love, love the Zoo! Thanks for stopping by!

Carra said...

We just made it to the Zoo today!
The kids and Grandma had a great time together. but I think the best part for me was watching them together!
Thanks for a fun post!

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