Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Quilting~Table runner~

 After completing the Downy Quilt for Kids, I took off working on another project! I bought this fabric at Jo-Ann's over  a month ago...I bought it in a jelly. Which for all you non-quilting people that mean it came in a pre-cut bundle of 20 strips of 2 1/2" X 42". They look like this.
I think this is a small jelly roll compared to the ones sold at the actual quilt stores...but I am not totally sure.  I wanted to make this table runner double sided so you could flip it over for a fresh look whenever you wanted. Here is the one side......

 Nothing fancy I simply sewed all the strips together to make the backing....which could be the front side if you wish. I wasted virtually NONE of the fabric....lovin' that!
 I wanted to machine quilt it myself, as opposed to paying someone else to do it for me. I did a simple meandering curve. It was one a total whim...not perfect....but it was what I came up with at the time. My machine isn't all that great for machine quilting, but for very simple applications (which is the only thing I am capable of at this point anyway)it does the job. I am very excited to give this to one of my very good friends. For some reason I think of the beach when I look at this table runner (well, the fabric line is called Neutral Mediterranean..go figure). This very good friend has seashells all over her house...her family has been to the beach on vacation many times....ohhh and did I mention she doesn't know she is getting it yet? Part of the fun of making things....is giving them to the people you love.



Linda Stubbs said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!! Your friend is a blessed lady!

Just stopping in to say hi.
Have a good day! Linda

QuiltyGirl said...

Hi Danielle!
Thanks for the blog comments. :)

I have 2 sewing machines, actually. I use a Bernina 640 for all of my piecing and most of my straight line quilting.
I also have a Juki on a Grace quilting frame, which I use for all of my free motion quilting and any straight line quilting that I would do on a large quilt.

Before I had the Juki setup, I did all of my quilting on my first Bernina, which was a 145S. I have to say, the Bernina stitch quality is amazing. I would highly recommend them!

Good luck in your machine search! There are so many out there to choose from. I would highly recommend test driving a few different brands. IMO, when you are dealing with the big names (Pfaff, Bernina, Viking, etc), you can get a very good stitch length from a basic machine. The pricier machines just have more bells and whistles. ;)

I love the table runner! Great colors, so soothing. You've got a lucky friend!

Carra said...

Love your runner.
I'm not sure how you get everything done girl!
It's so evident that you love to honor the Lord by blessing your family by making it your home.
Thanks for being a great example!

Anonymous said...

First visit to your blog. Love you Godly inspiration. Love the table runner. I am looking for a easy tablerunner design. The back looks easier than the front. Love the idea that the jelly roll made both sides and provides me with coordinated fabrics.Next step to look for the perfect jelly roll. Jellyroll...YUM

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