Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More FUN in the sun!

 We decided after a whole week of working hard on 4-H projects and other household stuff...we took a day to have!!! We went to a local park and ran some energy off........

 We even had a picnic to enjoy the day.......Lance was thrilled that after all his hard work all week he got to invite his best friend, Zeke, along for the day as well. We didn't know it at the time...but our day of FUN didn't end here! More fun to share tomorrow!


Amy Walker said...

Hi! Thanks for linking up at the Cheap and Choosy! I'm so happy to discover your blog! I'm a new follower. That is pretty awesome about the Quilt Happy lady living near you. What are the chances???? Blessings to you!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea you had to take your kids to the park for a day off. It was also great that you had the idea to have a picnic. What fun. It looks like you and your kids had a blast at the park.

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