Monday, July 12, 2010

Downy Quilts for Kids

If you have ever wanted to do a serve project but just didn't know where you would fit it into your schedule then you should consider Downy Quilts for kids! I heard about this program through my local quilt club I belong to. You go online and sign up for a kit. Downy Quilts will send you ALL the fabric you need, along with the pattern for the quilt, right to your door step!!! The only expense involved is buying the batting, and then pay for the $4.95 shipping to send it back. I used batting I already had on hand. Downy Quilts for Kids does ask you to complete the quilt in 4-6 weeks. So you'll  have plenty of time to complete this FUN and EASY quilt for such a great cause. What is the cause you ask? These quilts go to children while they are in the hospital. These quilts bring comfort and smiles to children as they can feel a little more at "home" with a quilt on their bed instead of looking a the blah blankets the hospitals normally provide.

 This is the fabric they sent me.......

 I loved the backing fabric (which was the same as the border fabric)....super bright. Did I mention that they had all the fabric pre-cut for you as well! Really they make this whole process very user friendly! This would be a great beginner quilt for anyone who wonders if they would like quilting. The website reports that over 10,000 quilts have been made and given around the country to children who suffer from illness or child abuse. To request your kits go HERE!



Tiffany said...

I Signed up for a quit packet ! :)

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