Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

Okay so here is what I LOVE this week.....Caleb has been wanting a kitty forever!!! So when aunt Christa and uncle Nate had some new found furry things in their barn they were more than willing to part with some of them so they gave us a call and we went to pick one up....Notice I said "One"??? Well we came home with TWO...maybe you are beginning to notice a pattern when we get babies around here???? My husband is.....Here is Caleb (in the back) and Zach hanging out with the kittens in the barn when we brought them home....why they felt the need to get into the little cage, I'm not sure?? But they look so cute doing don't they??

Here is Zach's little kitten, her name is "Snowball"...don't ask me why, it just worked out that way. She is one of those really fuzzy haired kitty's...I LOVE THEM!!
Here is Caleb's little gem, her name is "Rosabell". I have no idea where he came up with that name but he thought it fit her perfect since she was a girl and all.....he's so cute with her he just loves on her constantly and adores everything she does...just like I do with my babies when I bring them home :)
The other pics were taken right about 2 weeks ago maybe. When we first brought them home I wasn't sure how the puppies would do with have them for lunch or a midnight snack or something.....Well as you can see I think they have all adjusted quite nicely to each other....I got this shot Tuesday of them napping together in the sun. Is that not sweet?
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Mominin said...

They are so cute! I love kittens (unfortunately my father-in-law is extremely allergic and can't be anywhere near them - so no cats for us!). I love the last picture of the kitten and puppy sweet. Tell the boys they did a great job naming them!

Sarah said...

Very cute! DO you want any more dogs? I could part with 2... =)

Thanks for linking!

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