Monday, May 18, 2009

Recent Grocery Trips

So this past Saturday I was in town for the Home school Convention and I made a stop at Meijer. Camping season is upon us so I got a few things that would not normally made the "list" on shopping day! Well I don't have the receipts handy with how many items I got and how much I spent...I do remember that I did very well and everything I got ended up costing me much less than $1 an item..."That's what I'm talking about!"

Okay, so this was a little trip I made at the ridiculous hour of 10pm last Wednesday night.....I had fighting with my computer for about 2 didn't want to print my coupons....AHHHHHH!!! Well I just took advantage of cheap cereal, cheap crackers and yogurt....I got the Kraft BBQ sauce four of them....they were $1 each and then I had coupons for only one then I got $2 back at the register...So I spent $1 for all 4....good huh??? (Better if I could have got another Kraft BBQ coupon to print...grrrr!
So that it all the shopping I have done in the last two weeks...slim deals I thought in the previous we have been eating from the pantry supply.....It is so nice to have that option :)
Sooooo how have you been doing at couponing????? Have any stories of how much you have cut your budget each month on groceries....GO AHEAD leave a comment and SHARE!!!!
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