Friday, May 22, 2009

Well summer is upon us, and in our neck of the woods the weather has just been absolutely perfect!!!! Upper 70's to lower 80's and nice little breeze....perfect days for being outside and doing anything you can think of.......
Since we usually take a family vacation around August or September we are starting to think about our options and figure out what we want to do......So I thought you all would be perfect to ask "What are some of your favorite vacation spot?" We usually do a Thursday through Sunday vacation....we also like to keep our travel time to 4-5 hours or less...I live in Northeast keep that in mind when making suggestions.......I would love to hear from all of you and get some ideas and along with some budget friendly places to visit or things to do!!!

You have the long weekend to think about it and let me know!!! I just love hearing from you all so leave me lots of comments!!!

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Mominin said...

Do you guys camp? What kinds of activities do you like to do? I'll be watching to see if anyone gives any good ideas! We went to the Cincinnati area last year. Dayton has the Air Force Museum (which is free!!). I'll try to think of more!!

Chrissy said...

I have heard good things about Holiday World in southern Indiana. It is supposed to be very family friendly and they have places to camp there.

Genesa said...

Well I tried to find some places, but I only came up with Chicago! Sorry I couldn't find more! hope you come up with something fun!

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