Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello there and Happy FRIDAY!! Well I love Fridays for various reason, but one of my favorites: GARAGE SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being the bargain hunter I am, I just love to go around to different sales and seeing what I find and then bargaining with people to get an even better deal.......I have this's called "I just can't hardly bring myself to pay full price for anything!" Not even at a garage sale....yep I am one of "those" women...the one who asks you "will you take" for whatever the item may be. I don't always ask...when an item is less than $2.00 it is what it is. Anthingy else and I am ready to stike a deal!.....Ya know, I have NEVER been told no. I know others have been, but I personally never had......okay so I say that now and the next time I am out it will happen...that's okay, I will then have to decide how badly I want it...then take it or leave it. So here are a few pics of a few good deals I got today!So the little twig looking thing in the background it what I got today...I am not sure what the official name of it is, but I have wanted one of these forever....I got it for $2.00!!!!! Pretend you don't see all the dust on top of my corn burner stove......I could wipe it every hour and it would still be dusty!!
Well remember when I said I took that "Farmhouse" sign from my kitchen to put in the bathroom??? Well I found this sign to replace it.....too cute huh? It only cost me $1.00!!!!

I did get a few other things...cleats for Lance (to big for now) $2.00, an old door to put amongst my landscaping (real wood, real heavy) $2.00, VHS movies .25 each ( I got 4...cheaper than renting movies), I bought some nice tiles to tile the bathroom floor! I got 25 tiles (which should be enough) for $10.00! I don't know when tiling will actually happen.....but I snagged the deal anyhow, they match my counter top on the vanity perfect!! I got 2 sweaters for myself for .35...yep that was for both of them...WOW!!!! Well for the most part that is all I can think of worth mentioning.....

So are any of you bargain hunting at any garage sales????? Any good finds???? Do you know of any good ones coming up in your area soon, that I should check out??? I would love you to leave me a comment and let me know!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

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Megan said...

Oh yes I LOVE LOVE garage sales. Guess how many I've been to this year zero, zilch, none

The Grapevine tree you found is an awesome deal.. those things are expensive!

Great Finds.

I hope to get to Ft. Wayne Sales one of these weeks. We'll see!

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