Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today is my oldest baby's birthday!! TODAY Lance is EIGHT!!!! I'm not sure how this can possibly to be true, but somehow it is......I'm really having a hard time with this.....I better learn to cope because I'm pretty sure he's not getting younger :)

There are so many things about Lance that we LOVE here are just a few......his sensitive spirit, his love for anything outdoors, his on-to-the nature, his attention to detail, his inventiveness, his thirst for knowledge, his love of reading...just list a few!! Here are some picture from our 5 day camping trip that highlight the BIRTHDAY MAN!!!
One of things Lance loves is coming up with ideas...this band was his idea and he loved organizing everyone and playing together....he said it was his favorite part of the weekend.....(Also in the picture Caleb, Chris, Lance, Ann....Chris and Ann are siblings we met last year they live in Goshen.)

Lance also LOVES to climb trees. This one was right across from out campsite....Chris and Lance wanted to pose for a pic!

Lance LOVES to read...goes right along with his curious nature to learn things....this is one night we came in the camper a bit early so everyone could read in their beds before bedtime.

Here is Lance and Dad hanging out together..also something Lance LOVES to do!!

Another thing Lance loves..... Shooting guns.....Water gun, BB gun, Dart gun, Rubberband gun....He loves them all!

Here is Lance showing off his Croquet skills!
He also LOVES to play video games!!
Here he is with his mean face on!! This pic was taken right before we left for vacation.....He likes being the tough guy.....Here he is sitting in the driveway waiting for Aunt Janelle and Ben to come over......We don't normally greet people with guns, dogs, and mean faces, just in case you wondered......
Well here is Lance kicking back eating some pretzels rods and playing his computer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE, we all love you very much and are thankful that the Lord has blessed us through you.....
LOVE, Mom, Dad, Caleb, Zach, Julia


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Lance!!

It doesn't slow down either. Chi will be 11 this year... that's only 2 years from teenager..YIKES!!!!!

Mominin said...

Happy Birthday Lance!! Looks like you guys had a great time camping.

grandma for jesus said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lance I really enjoyed the pictures. Remember we told you they grow up way to fast.

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