Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a FUN day!

Well I posted yesterday about it being Zach's actual birthday, we had a really fun morning and thought it would FUN to share it with you all! Friday around here equals GARAGE SALES for us!!! Ya know, this year is the first is several years that I have been out and about at sales....One reason being it has been a long time since I haven't either been nursing a baby or a tired pregnant mama with other kids to tend to......Well I have the kiddos to tend to but everyone is getting a bit older now and it makes traveling to and fro a bit easier on me...So here is the GANG ready to hit our first sale of the morning!!! Last week Lance was
"our bargain shopper"...he got about 3 things I think and still had $.55 left of his $1.25....the boys were a bit jealous because they only got one thing with their $1.00.....Lance just told them "Hey I shopped for bargains and you could too if you didn't think you had to spend all you money at the first sale." So as we existed the van this Friday I over heard Caleb say to Lance "Hey Lance, could you teach me how to do that bargain shopping like you did last week?" FUNNY HUH??I found this great grapevine wreath for $3.00 it also has some great berry sprays throughout the wreath....Love it!!
The next stop was one of my FAVORITES!! Each Spring and Fall there is a gal near me who has a sale at her home with items she has made.....In case you haven't already noticed I love primitive country decor....That is all she sells, plus in the spring she had perennial starts also. Her hubby is a dairy farmer so her business it called "The Milking Parlor"....cute huh??
So this is one of the things I got for out in my flowers.....LOVE IT!!!

Also I just couldn't walk away without this adorable primitive birdhouse!!! Also for looking pretty among my flowers!!
Here is the creator of these great pieces....She sheepishly posed for a pic at my request. I just wanted the girl to get some credit for all the great things she makes....if only the checkbook would allow me to get one of everything she sells.
By the way she does have a name, Christy Egolf.
Here is probably the bargain of the day. I got these chair and stand for $1.00......So I came up with this little arrangement right outside of our door......The fence in the background is actually from Christy's sale last fall.
Well after the sales, we came home did our school work for the day....some housework, supper, soccor practice, then a revival service at church, then dropped Ms. Julia off at my mom and dad's to stay the night....We have another busy day today on tap......that seems to be the theme this weekend!
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Megan said...

Great finds. The chairs and table for $1. Geesh!!

Anonymous said...

so u didn't tell us if the boys got any bargins at the garage sales??
juila was GREAT today at lindsay's shower with me and mom.

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