Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy 4th Brithday Zach!!!

Well my little man is growing up!!! He turned 4yrs old today!!! We actually had his party last night....Here are a few pics we have to share...Here is the HUGE balloon Zach picked out as one of his gifts.....I think it is almost as big as he is! He absolutely thought he was the coolest kid around when we walked out of the store with this "bad boy!"

He loved all the gifts he got, but especially the one that Aunt Janelle, Uncle Bob and Ben got him....It moves foward and backwards, jiggles, makes noises, and Wow is that cool in Zach's book......Funny that when he opened it Aunt Janelle said "Sorry, it makes she laughs" I told her "Isn't funny how before you have kids of your own you love buying those noisy toys and don't really think anything of it? Then after you have kids of your own and others "pay you back" for your feel the need to apologize?"
Here is the Birthday Boy with his cake....Oh no I noticed he's doing the thumbs up in several pics I took......someone has been watching his older brother (Caleb) to much!!!

Happy Birthday Zach! We love you so much and cherish the joy and laughter you bring to our home....May God continue to bless as you grow and learn to Love the Lord.....

LOVE, Dad, Mom, Lance, Caleb, & Julia
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Megan said...

Looks like a great party!

Happy Birthday Zach!

Mominin said...

Happy Birthday Zach!!

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