Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday!

This week's tip is such a clever and fun tip...though I can' take credit for coming up with the idea. Lance said that last week at soccor practice one of the kids had a water bottle that he had poked hole in so he could grab the bottle and squeeze it in his mouth....instead of taking of the cap.
So Lance decided that would be a great idea for watering the flowers!! Clever isn't he...so he made one yesterday...he took a regular water bottle and then poked holes in the top of it with a nail....then they went around sqeezing the bottle and watering all my flowers for me....Lance even rubber banded three of them together to cover a bigger area at one time.
Here is what they look like...

My two proud water boys!! (Caleb and Lance)......what good helpers they are for mom!

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Mominin said...

How creative. Good job Lance.

Genesa said...

That is a good idea!!!

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