Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Done!

The bathroom "remodel" or face-lift you might call it is now complete! In case you didn't see my first post about this project here is the skinny....I used the money I made at a garage sale a couple weeks ago to redo my bathroom. This is a project that I have wanted to do for a REALLY long time, but it just never made it to the top of the priority because it was not a NEED just a want, and another was because there were so many other things ahead of it on the list. So here are some before and after shots for you to enjoy!! Along with some fun commentary but yours truly.

The first pic is of my sweet hubby helping me to put on some of the finishing touches. We put new pulls on the vanity and a new toilet paper holder. Yep, he is still smiling, even though I know he would rather be doing anything else in this world before another fix-it up project that I have dreamed up......but he does it because he knows I enjoy it and he always loves the way things look when we are all done! THANKS HONEY!!!
Here is the first BEFORE pic....First thing I wanted to do was get rid of those gross pinks walls...Second take the gigantic mirror out along with the 5 foot long light!!! Also, the faucet needed to go it was an old gold brass looking thing that was all peeling and yucky.
This is the AFTER pic. Green walls them! I got my light and faucet with my garage sale money (got those at Menards)....they are both black with the rubbed gold look. The mirror I had and when we lived at our old farmhouse (where we rented) I had it up there. Since we have lived here (6 1/2yrs) I have never found just the right place, but kept it in my little closet knowing I would use it some day because I loved it so much. I already had the berry swag (stole it from my kitchen) and the little white frame in the corner I also had in my closest just waiting to put it somewhere. I ordered the little towel holder online...and the red hand towel...believe it not was a wedding gift (almost 10 years ago) and I had kept them in a box in my closet to get out later when my others looked yucky for years of use...well it'stime! When we got them they didn't match the bathroom, adn now they do!!! SO now I have new full size towels (off white and red) all brand new... along with new hand towels, and wash clothes....I just love how God worked that one out!!! Finally the Farmhouse sign...had it as well (also taken from my kitchen/dinning room area).Here is the BEFORE shot of the vanity.....I painted this vanity white (also when I painted the walls pink...what was I thinking??? The jury is still out on that one!) right after we moved in and changed the hardware to brushed silver..thinking I would get around soon there after to changing the faucet and everything else. Well that never happened and I hated the walls right away, but I felt guilty because I had just painted them...and baby number 2 had came in the mean time...then baby number 3 and then baby number 4....well you get the point!The AFTER SHOT! Now the vanity is a warm tan color....The pulls are back with rubbed gold..just like the faucet and light....Take a good look now, because as of this very moment there are no dings or scratches on the paint job from the kids...although I understand they will eventually.. probably sooner than later....make their marks. This is the last BEFORE pic I have....This over the toilet cabinet looked good enough....but just didn't offer me enough storage for my growing family. As you can tell this ONE and only bathroom of ours is small, so I need all the bang for my buck that I can get when it comes to storage!!!
AFTER: My solution was to buy a ( 24"wide X 30"long ) stock kitchen cabinet that was unfinished so I could paint it. It fits just right back in that space and offers me TONS of storage!!!! I am thrilled with the result...I bought this cabinet and the pulls for the vanity with my Menard rebate money....The little star I got from my momma for Christmas but hadn't yet decided where to put I have!
I also have the same shower curtain it's an ivory color (same as the vanity top)...I got that FREE with a gift card about 6 months ago I think...But I did buy these little hangers online as well (when I got the hand towel holder).
So when all was said and done I am so thrilled to tell you that I gave my bathroom a face-lift for around $17 hangers, toilet paper holder $15, towel holder $10, and paint $15..........FOR $57.00!!!! I do have to admit though I want to get just a few more decorations for the above that nice storage cabinet I need something....but I might be able to use something I already have....then behind the door when you walk in the room is just a blank wall...It need a cute picture or something of that nature....still I think I got just what I wanted for cheap...and most importantly I got it in God's timing not mine which makes this project so extra special to me! I am in no hurry for the little decoration things...remember GARAGE sale season is upon us!!!
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mom2boys said...

It looks great! I love the green color you chose.

Mominin said...

I love it! Looks great. I really like that picture of Justin, too.

Megan said...

WOW you did a great Job! It looks awesome!

Genesa said...

It looks great!!!

Jenny said...

Very nice. I know you are pleased. And I have a hubby like yours who is always willing to help me out with projects like these. You and I are both blessed. Enjoy your new bathroom!

Carra said...

Looks so great!!!
While I'm home I'm coming over to your house to get some decor. ideas. :)
You are just blessed with an eye for making things look great!
See you tonight!

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