Monday, December 7, 2009

Gift Ideas for Kiddos 8-10 years old....

Well I just realized this never posted last week like I had planned it....oh ya go!

Mp3 Player
 I don't know about your kids, but our boys LOVE their music. Their dad might have had something to do with that. I know personally I wouldn't spend the money for them to have fancy IPods at their age but you can get Mp3 players pretty cheaper, around $20....I got mine for FREE with CVS Bucks last year...

Modeling Kits
Lance, 8 year old, loves to build things. It can be anything from an electrical set, to a wooden car model, to our physics kit we reviewed this past year. He loves to figure out how things work together as a system. His passion is inventing!!! He is always thinking of the next greatest creation...then goes and makes it. So for little men like him I say go for a kit of some kind.....

BB Gun/Nerf Guns

Well Lance absolutely could not live without his BB gun! He has actually had his for about 2 years now. I thought 6 yrs old was way to young for one, but Justin thought he was responsible  enough to start learning gun safety and how to shoot. Well Justin was right he has always been very respectful with all the things that come along with the privilege of owning his own "gun". We live in the country with no other houses close to us which makes this a doable gift for our family. You'll also find this gift is not to hard on your wallet either...about $20 or so.....BB's a cheap can get about 2500 for $10 or so.
Keep in mind that Nerf guns are great for winter play inside or if you live in town where you don't have the opportunity to shoot a BB gun. They run as cheap as $10 and you can buy additional "bullet packs" in quantities of 15 or more for around $4.

Archery Sets
If you don't feel like your son would be ready for a BB gun consider an archery set to start with. Our six year is getting one for Christmas this year. Even though we felt like Lance was old enough at 6 yrs. for the BB gun, that's not the case with Caleb. We bought Caleb a compound bow (18lb) at a local Sporting goods store for $30. It only came with two arrows so grandma is getting him some extra arrows to go along with the set (they will set you back about $3.75 a piece). Justin already bought a foam target at an auction for $1 a couple months ago, but if you don't have one those already you'll want to pick one of those up to. I also want to add that the arrows the kids have a "blunt ended" which are intended for target shooting only....just in case you were picturing the super sharp ended ones which are intended for hunting.....

Learning Laptops
A couple years back we were given one of those "Learning Laptops" for the kids. They have all kind of games, ones for fun and educational ones as well, but no actual internet hook-up. I like a couple things about these sorts of laptops. I like that this is something they can do independently during their own quiet time. I also like that is starts to familiarize the kids with the keyboard. They have all sorts of them to pick from. AMAZON has lots to choose from here! Of course, they have these computers starting as early as preschool and then they advance from there. It looks like one for this age range will run you anywhere from $60 to $80.

Hope those are more fun ideas for you to consider....Again sorry that I only have boy suggestions at his ag....Also once again remember these are just suggestions based on my honest opinion of products that we have bought or been gifted. None of these suggestions are related to a review or done for compensation.

Want more suggestions? Check these links for suggestions  2-4 yr. olds and then 5-7 yrs. olds



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