Monday, December 28, 2009

Pre-Christmas Fun.....Baking Cookies

 In early November, we set a cookie baking day for us girls to be able to bake...kid free wasn't that we didn't want the kids to have fun with us...we just had a long list and only one partial day to make it happen. Unfortunately, I ended up not being able to make it until around 2pm that day! Hubby ended up having an auction that day so I had to hang with my kiddos until his arrival. So needless to say I actually missed most of their I did my own at home the day before and that morning before I came to join in on the fun!

 Here is a peek of some of the cookies we made.....Mmmmm! We had cookies piled all over the place! 

When I got that afternoon the kids and I took some regular brown paper bags and stamped them up with some fun Christmas stamps I had on dress them up a bit....then we piled some cookie/candy goodies in each bag to share with some special people!
 Julia & Zach had a ton of fun thinking they were so cool getting to use Mommy's stamps (because that is not something I let them do normally). All went well I only had one stamp pad that was ruined in the process....and it was a cheapy so I didn't really mind.

Up tomorrow....I will show you what I found when I pulled in the driveway after baking cookies!!


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