Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Note of THANKS!~~Lance

Dear Lance,

Have I told you lately how THANKFUL I am for you? Your my first baby, my firstborn, my "trial baby". I have learned so much as a mommy as I have raised you. You have taught me even more about the kind of person I want to be. You are strong, inventive and very creative. You are excited to take on life and a challenge at any moment. Your compassionate spirit warms my heart just to be with you. Your helpful heart makes my life easier as a mommy in so many ways. I am especially THANKFUL for all your cheerful help on days like today when mommy is really sick and feels overwhelmed to take on the day. I am so glad that you have a never ending thirst for knowledge and a love for reading. Both of those will take you far on your journey to becoming a man. Your growing love for the Lord and your knowledge of Scripture inspires me in my walk each day. I am THANKFUL that you have seen your need for a Savior in your life and pray you will continue to walk with the Lord all your growing days.

Christmas is such a special time for us to celebrate the people we love and are THANKFUL for each day. I know how much I LOVE you and cherish your presence in my life.....I can't imagine the LOVE Mary felt for her first born Son, Jesus. I can't imagine how THANKFUL she was just to know Him and raise Him....knowing He was the Savior of the world....

I hope the message of Jesus's birth never grows old to you. I pray the LOVE story of our Savior's journey here on earth always remind you of all we have to be THANKFUL for.

I LOVE YOU my first born son,


Deborah said...

What a sweet idea -- posting a note to your son... I periodically write letters to my daughter -- for someday when she's older and will appreciate and hopefully learn from them. :o)

Being moms does help us understand and appreciate so much more God's love in sending His Son for us!

Stopping by to say "Hi!"

"Just for the JOY of It!"

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

What a precious note to your sweet!

Sharon said...

what a wonderful young man you must be Lance! I can tell by your momma's words that her heart is full of love for you!

And thanks Danielle for the great reminder to have a Thankful heart and a spirit of gratitude. Just what I needed to hear!

Blessings and Merry Christmas... So glad you shared your JOY with us today!

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