Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing Around...

 We have been enjoying some great times playing lots of different games around here....I am not totally sure what is going on in this picture...I think they are sorting to find one complete deck of cards....with little boys who "borrow" cards...a full deck equals a miracle around here!
 An intense game of Battle Ship is going on here...I think Justin is loving it as much as they do!!
Of course the Christmas season just isn't complete without lots of cuddle time! Here is Zach and our dog Midnight.....who thinks she is big stuff because I let her in the house to cuddle up with the boys for a while....we all enjoy loving on here.....I only let her the on the title right inside the door for her little "visit" then back outside she does...I am have enough animal in the house (referring to kids) I don't need a real one!
 "Let it snow!!" We got a great snowfall here before Christmas and the "men" decided that was a great time to head out for a little ice fishing!!! Zach is getting ready to pile in the truck and head out.
 Doesn't he look cute all geared up....I love his hat...I'm jealous that I don't have one...ohhh so SOFT!!
BTW they did bring me home some fish...cleaned them....and they are in the freezer to eat whenever we decide to pull them out.....which needs to be soon....they sound YUMMY!!!



The Prudent Homemaker said...

That looks like fun! We live in the desert; we don't get snow and there's not any fishing, either. Sounds like fun, though!

Megan said...

They do sound yummy!!!

great pictures!

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