Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Mp3 Downloads on Amazon

I know several blogs have posted that AMAZON (ohh how I LOVE amazon!!) has over 20 FREE downloads available for Mp3 players!!! It's a great way to build up some music on your player for FREE!! It's super easy to do...I loaded mine on last Thursday night....If you like Contemporary Christian music like I do you need to check it out! Most everything I loaded on mine was Christmas music, but that's okay with me! So if you haven't yet taken advantage of this FREEBIE hurry while you still can!!

Okay so right after I hit post on the above paragraph I went to Amazon to see if there are some more FREE music to download...just for the fun of it.....and I clicked on Christian & Gospel music (there are many to pick from) and I found there were yet some more FREEBIES that were not on the other list!

HINT: Even if you don't have any type of player you can still download theses songs onto your computer and listen to them!



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