Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic~~December 2009

Well here we are bright eyed and bushy tailed at 445am at the airport!!! The airport was pretty dead and we knew immediately that we could've been there much later and been there in plenty of time...but we were following the rules....ugh!

So since we had time to kill I immediately notice the little massage place that was right across from our gate!! I saw that she was now open and went over to check it neck was hurting me!! Well I saw I could get a 15 min massage for $23 I was in. As soon as she started she said I was terribly knotted up and she was gonna work on me until my flight started loading up. Well I started to feel warm and then I just blacked out! Yep, totally out of it...I then started to come to a bit I could hear everything around me, but couldn't open my eyes or respond...weird feeling....I didn't freak out to much because as she was working on me she had warned me that because I was so knotted up the I could feel some of these things.....well she was right! Justin came over and helped move me to the ground....after all the eventfulness and convincing the airport security that I DID NOT NEED AN AMBULANCE!!!! I felt much better and my headache that I had been having for 3 days was muscles felt relaxed.....But that was not quite how I planned to start our trip!!

 Here's Justin soaking up the FREE internet (pre-passing out event), Me on the plane, very happy and sporting my new hat (more on that later!!)....and then of course my out of the plane shot. I love taking shots of us looking down on the clouds....I never get tired of being in awe of our Creator!!

 Here is some shots of our resort and the beach. As you can see there were plenty of people to soak up the sun with us. We heard that on Saturday 1600 Canadians flew into the Punta Cana airport to start their vacation.....Whew!! Not all coming to our same resort...but they were going somewhere around us.

 There were several fun things going on around us while we were being totally LAZY!! In the top right that is not me, but some other lady who was thrilled to have a monkey sit on her while she got here picture taken....Employees from the resort we always walking around with things like snakes, parrots, a monkey ready to have you pose with them....then they probably jabbed ya $20 for the picture...I don't really how much they were...just guessing... We really thought hard about trying out the parasailing...but then decided we were to cheap and it probably cost to much so we didn't even bother asking.

More pictures to come tomorrow!


Liza said...

Cool shots! No doubt, the scenery in Punta Cana is really awesome. I'll be visiting the place soon and would probably take some great picture of me too. Thanks for sharing this one. I'll be waiting for the next sets of pictures from you. Thumbs up!


Punta Cana vacation

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