Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our First Christmas Gathering of 2009....

 After eating lots of yummy food, we started in on some crafts for the kids. My cousin made up some Rice Krispies Christmas trees, they she provided white icing to put on the trees and had lots of fun fixing to decorate them with. Fun and simple enough for even a two year old like my Julia.....
 Yet still very FUN for my 8 year old who could be as creative and detailed as he wanted....THUMBS up for this edible craft!!
 The second craft was these cute light bulb reindeer ornament. Another cousin spray painted abtou 30 light bulbs with brown paint. The kids got to put on the the brown pipe cleaners (start them in front then twist them in the back like a bread tie). Some kids even added two or three pipe cleaners...for the 30 point buck kind feeling....Then the kids had to wait in line for eyes,  and a nose to be hot glued on. The mouth was made with a simple permnament marker...Then the kids could choose to put earmuffs on their reindeer as well....the band is a pipe cleaner cut in half....then the little cotton balls for the muff part (same ones we used for the nose).....
 We did a little exchange ($10) with gifts. Zach was thrilled to get this Lightning McQueen car!

We had a good time and I enjoyed seeing my family...which for the most part I only see once a year.



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