Monday, December 7, 2009

We're Home!

Good  Monday to you all!! Justin and I arrived home at 3am after our long travel home from the Dominican. I realize you all didn't even know we were gone....but we left on 11-30 and then flew out Indy early on the first.....We then spent the next four days in picture perfect weather....high 80's to 90 with a great breeze off the ocean to keep us cool as we relaxed on the beach each day...soaking up some sun! I will feel in all the gaps later this week....for now we are "enjoying"  being greeted with 29 degree weather and now we have woken up to tiny snow flakes...yep it's back to reality! Needless to say when the kids woke us up at 7am this morning we are a little tired, but glad to be able to hug and kiss on them! No more blogging today and maybe not even tomorrow....I have a Christmas tree to put up...clothes to to start up again...and cuddle time with the kids first on my agenda!!



Megan said...

Welcome home!! Sounds like some amazing weather! too bad you're back to Indiana weather!!

looking forward to hearing about the trip!

Genesa said...

WElcome home! Glad you had a great time!

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