Monday, July 2, 2012


I'm not sure what I was thinking when I made our schedule out for the month of June....really I'm sure I wasn't thinking at all! The end result of that brain lapse was THREE different camps, one following the others for THREE weeks in a row. Whew! I am glad to report we did survive without any major meltdowns..but this mama does NOT plan to repeat such a crazy schedule anytime soon.

Twas' the night before all the camp schedules would begin and this is how my boys felt:

 This is Lance's second year to church camp, although last year he went to another nearby camp.
 This was Caleb's first year to go to camp...a whole week away....I think he's excited!

The camp the boys went to came highly recommended, and they had an absolute blast! We were able to send them e-mails that got delivered to their cabins each day. It was fun to let them know what we were doing and that we were praying for them while they were away.
 Here we are at "drop-off" day...they were both in Cabin 4, but on opposite sides of the Cabin.
 Here is where they had Camp fire time at night.
This is one of the many beautiful views they got to enjoy all week.  They got to take a boat across the lake to enjoy some hiking on the other side in the woods. HOW FUN!
 After a whole week without each other......I think Zach was glad to have his roommate back!
The boys had such a great time they were ready to sign up for next year before we left. I am so thankful for such wonderful ministries that help my boys grow in their faith, and enjoy some "boy time" with others their age. Other Camp posts coming soon...........


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