Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that it is JULY....ya know month number 7!! What? Seriously this summer is flying by at a break neck pace! Since I haven't did a little photo tour in the garden lately I thought we'd inspect and see if things are "Knee High By the 4th of July".

 Raspberries, rhubarb (left),  chives (middle)
 Black Raspberries
 Sweet Corn (we planted 3 different varieties)
 This next shot is my FAVORITE!! The honeybees have been working overtime amongst the sweet corn this past week. If you look at the bee's legs, you will see a little yellow blob. That's her pollen pocket (where they carry the pollen). It's such a joy to me to see them working.
  Grape Tomatoes
 Green Beans
 44 Tomato plants
 We have lots of green tomatoes!
 Pumpkin patch!
  I have 3 varieties of pumpkins planted....aren't these little guys so cute!
 Here is a shot from the south side of the can see our potatoes plants closest to you. They are starting to die off...which is normal, so I'm told.
 Here are my little watermelon vines. The watermelons are suppose to be little personal sized melons. I don't know if they will actually do anything though...I think they are not in best place. We planted them before there were leaves on the trees, and now I think they get to much shade because of the leaves on the trees. We shall see.
This is still a transition year for all my fruiting plants. I got a decent amount of strawberries this year. I harvested 25 pounds in all. My harvesting was cut short because of such dry conditions. My blueberry harvest was around a pint for all three plants combined. Next year I will net them to keep the pesky birds off of them. My red raspberry harvest has totaled around a quart. I look forward to the next couple years when the amount of fruit I harvest should grow in leaps and bounds.


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