Friday, July 6, 2012

Flower Friday

A couple weeks ago I saw that someone had a blog post on "Flower Friday". I really like that title/idea since I'm always posting about my posies. If you do not enjoy looking at flower pics you should avoid this post at all costs. If you do like them....grab a cup of coffee I have plenty of pictures to share this week. 
The following tale emphasizes that you need to keep your eyes peeled for plummeting flower prices and score some great bargains. My first picture is to show how I have no real self control when I stop in the hardware store and all the perennials are only .50 and flats of annuals are $3.00! For under $20 I came home with 5 flats of flowers! "You seriously just can't beat that" my exact quote to my husband. He just smiles and shakes his head and says "Great score honey." Love that man....
Most all of my perennials are starts I have from when we moved a year ago. They are not all lush and super wonderful this year with such dry conditions but they are established well and will be nice and full in the years to come.
 Black Eyed Susan
 I got this Russian Sage  (and another) on clearance last year right in the middle of summer!
 Purple Cone Flower
 Shasta Daisy...these are an example of a transplant that is established well, but not nearly as tall and full as it should be...I keep reminding myself of the long term plan.
 These are my lovely Cosmos! I LOVE them. I planted Dwarf Sensation (grows less then 2 ft.) and Candy Strip Cosmos. They are just coming many beautiful blooms to come!
 My little Zinnia Patch I planted two varieties. A "daisy" looking zinnia and then a "ball" like zinnia (Can you see it in the background?)
I LOVE anything that is galvanized! I also love this OLD chair. When I bought it for less than $1 it was in pieces...but it was all there. It was nothing a little wood glue wouldn't fix.
 This beautiful rose bush was something the previous owner had planted. Such gorgeous HUGE blooms it gives me all summer/fall...I'm not a huge rose lover, but I LOVE this gal.
 I do enjoy Knock Out Roses. Disease Resistant and bloom Spring to Fall, no pruning needed. Workhorses in the landscaping without the high maintenance..Yep I like that!
 Here is another transplant from our old garden. Tickseed. This gal has been blooming since Spring! Those bright orange-yellow blooms are so cheery. I can't help but smile when I look at it.
 This little annual is a Proven Winner variety..sorry can't remember the name, but isn't it lovely? cute! I enjoy these little snowballs of color.
 This year for my annuals I went with HOT pink and yellow for my theme.
 My veggie garden gets some splashes of color...I have a little sunflower garden facing the house.
 I have about 5-6 different varieties ranging from 2ft tall to 5-6ft tall. My taller ones are not blooming just yet but all the smaller varieties are showing their stuff....
 The little yellow sunflower in the middle is called "Vanilla Ice" I just adore her. The sunflower at the very top (darker yellow) is called "Maya"
 Between all the flowers that are in bloom and our garden the honeybees have been mighty productive! I checked the first honey supers on May 28th and one hive (Bee Bellair) has the first super filled except for three frames. The other hive (Honey Hotel) still has some work to do with 5-6 frames left. I didn't want to miss any opportunity to collect honey. In about one month they have nearly filled or halfway filled the whole super! So I decided to add a second honey super to each hive on June the 30th! I actually added a deep box with 5 frames in each to start. It's what we already had, on hand, and besides being extremely heavy (good thing I have a STRONG Hubby) when it's full of h honey I don't see any reason not to use what we already have. Harvest time for honey in sometime after Labor Day so my girls still have a ton of time to be collecting.
 One thing I was concerned about after we placed them in this spot, was the fact that they are not getting direct early morning sun. Apparently that is not an issue, and the indirect sun is getting them out and working just fine. They are actually in dappled shade 100% of the day, which I think they like. It keeps them from having to work overtime keeping the hive cool enough. In turn more bees can be out collecting pollen and nectar and making us more honey! I'll keep you posted on their progress.


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