Thursday, July 5, 2012

VBS/Day Camp

Our second camp was Vacation Bible School (grades pre-K to 2) & Day Camp (grades 3-6). I taught the 2nd graders this year (my first teaching experience with Day Camp). I had 15 kids who were all very well behaved and were honestly a real pleasure to have all week. Zach was even in my class, but he didn't seem to mind his mama was teaching. Here are a few pictures that sum up our week.

The theme was Incrediworld Amazement Park.....
 In VBS & Day Camp the focus was on the 6 days of creation
 Here is Zach with some sort of furry creature on his shoulder, compliments of craft time
 Caleb is practicing his singing...he's the goof in the yellow tank
 Zach showcasing yet another craft project....these little inventions were so cool!
 Julia is practicing for the program (she in all the way on the right in the 2nd row)
  Here Caleb is showing how well our week went at CAMP #2!
Lance was there all week as well. He got to hang out in the "teen room" for his class time. Our paths just didn't cross all week which equals no pictures of him.


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