Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Ready For the 4-H Fair!

It's that time of year where things are a buzz with action and we are in preparation for our local county fair! It's one of our favorite times of the whole year. Do you want to see what we are up to? ('s not a real question...ya' know I'm gonna show you anyway, right?)
Woodworking projects are always done at Grandpa Gaerte's house...he has every woodworking tool a kid might need to put together a woodworking treasure.
 This is a common scene you might see while they are working...discussion 
 While the older boys are working....Julia & Zach are playing! Zach is winding her up for take off.
 I think he is pleased with his efforts...if this photo had a volume you would hear a little girl squealing with delight....and terror....and fun.....and wondering what she got herself into.
 We turned in our books at the beginning of the month...always a relief by all involved.
 Caleb is especially happy to have his book work's his least favorite part. 
I think that might be a quote I heard a time or two...give or take a little.
 After the projects have been fully assembled they come home for finishing. 
Caleb made a toolbox and he decide to antique it. (He is my child isn't he?)
 Here he is painting on the primer.
 Lance decided to make a book rack. He just applied a one step stain/poly mix.
 After completing the woodworking, it was time to practice some showmanship with the pigs. Here's Justin is giving the kids a little showmanship talk.
 Even Jasper was paying attention.....
 Well I think I have prepped all I can for now....snack bags packaged, show clothes ready, house tidy, drinks ready for the cooler, EASY meals in the freezer, a super quick breakfast menu planned.
We (Uncle Nate) have to sheer tonight and then it's time to drop off the ducks and sheep. Friday we haul in our pigs and the fun keeps going all through next week! If you think of us during the next week, pray for us. Safety traveling back and forth, having fun showing, meeting/witnessing to new people, surviving on lots of late nights and early mornings.


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